We maintain a maximum enrollment of 10-12 people per session to ensure your high quality training experience.  Each session runs 55 minutes, unless stated otherwise. Our programs are suited to all levels and include training progressions to constructively challenge each participant.

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Saturday at 9 AM

This is your basic throw-down-get-back-up-get-it-done program. Yes, there’s self defense, tumbling, break falling, lifting heavy things, throwing heavy things, never-ending plank holds and chalk outlines to mark the sweat angels you leave behind. Come to class.

Levels: Suitable for all levels, no prerequisites.

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Tuesday and Thursday at 6 AM and 7 AM

Mobility, stability and strength are the cornerstones on which we will build you up. This a a great class to start you day right with functional fitness great for all levels.

Think about what you can do, think about what you want to do, now give yourself the opportunity to do it! A big part of self care is about taking some time for you and what better way to show yourself a little appreciation than getting up and moving your body, finding out what you are truly capable of?

Why is trainer Jeff Bott’s Mob Squad perfect for you?
” In addition to working in traditional gym environments, I have also had the opportunity to work under a number of talented physical therapists, which has given me strong experience in corrective exercise and injury prevention.”-Jeff Bott, Mob Squad Trainer

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Tuesday 8:00PM and Friday 8:30AM
A vinyasa flow class that focuses on breath and mindfulness while moving. Classes are designed to increase flexibility, open areas of the body that are tight, while increasing inner awareness and focus. Taught by Jenna Padilla.


Saturday 10AM
This is an all-levels class. The focus is on alignment and body awareness as we move through a slow Vinyasa flow with Michael Austin.

Where are the places in your body that ache or need special attention? You will practice placing your concentration in the areas to find the movement patterns and muscular engagement to help heal. You can work as strongly as you want or as gently as you want. We use ideas from the emerging field of yoga therapeutics. Modifications are offered and encouraged.

This class is a great complement to strength and conditioning classes.

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Thursday 7:00PM
High Intensity-Low Impact Toning Exercise. Muscular Endurance workout that spares your knees!
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In a combination of empty hand and weapons training you will develop agility, balance, coordination, speed, faster reflexes, and response time that support both defensive and offensive fighting skills. Training will consist of learning how to fight with weapons or empty hands interchangeably and the ability to turn ordinary everyday items into improvised weapons when in danger for practical self-defense. With the JKD Concepts the student will learn the concept of interception, control, trapping, forward and angular pressure, and adaptation to the constant changes.

Level: All skills presented are taught as progressions, there is no prerequisite.

Equipment: Kali Escrima Stick(s), Knife, Karambit, Boxing Gloves, MMA Gloves
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The “Gentle Art”, learn how to move fluidly on the ground or standing up and develop a set of skills that will both strength your body and keep you safe. Also known as B.J.J., this grappling art focuses on using leverage and technique over power and strength. Learn how to defend yourself and sharpen your competitive chops with chokes, joint locks and positional control using either the fabric of the Gi uniform or by merely clamping down your opponents body with controlled pressure. A typical class consists of a brief warmup routine, instruction for 2-3 new techniques, and some light partner drilling to reinforce the new techniques. The second (optional) phase of the class includes full-speed drilling, sparring, and a circuit workout. This second phase of class is optional throughout each section. It is meant for those looking to improve their fitness levels and challenge themselves. This will also be when the competition team prepares for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitions.

Level: All skills presented are taught as progressions, there is no prerequisite.

Equipment: Gi
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Russian C.A.M.B.O.

Saturday at 11 AM

C.A.M.B.O. is a grappling sport with Russian origins. C.A.M.B.O. coaching with Matthew Galindo emphasizes takedowns, throws and leg locks, designed to be applicable in a broad grappling context. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu emphasizes guard passing and tends to favor upper body submissions, while C.A.M.B.O. emphasizes throws, take downs and lower body submissions. This class is unique in that it closes the gaps between sport styles and is geared toward students with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu or wrestling backgrounds who need to broaden their game and have answers to multi-style scenarios. Novices in any grappling art are welcome – this class can serve as an intro to grappling strategy with an emphasis on lower body set ups and submissions and a great intro to take downs and throws.

Levels: Basic wrestling skill base is recommended but not required.
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Oakland Mat Rats Wrestling Club

1st & 3rd Saturdays of the month, 1-3PM

The Oakland Mat Rats is a wrestling club for both teen and adult grapplers to expand their knowledge of wrestling. The club is led by Kelly Kusumoto, a 2008 women’s state champion with 4-5 years of competitive wrestling experience, and has wrestled at the high school and college level. While wrestling is her main passion, her interest in grappling has extended into other areas such as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and CAMBO. Over time it became clear that having a strong foundation in wrestling has helped her learn and adapt to other styles. Oakland Mat Rats is affiliated with the Four Elements Gym to help all grapplers (from any background) to strengthen their game by improving their ability to wrestle.

Level:MUST HAVE USA Wrestling registered membership prior to participating for liability purposes. You can get one for $50 a year here.