Don't Fear the Reaper...

“Everyone in the Oakland area check out Matthew Galindo’s seminar! He knows his shit!” -Stephen Koepfer, Master of Sport from Moscow

Seminar 10/22 Saturday 11a-1p With Matthew Galindo

This workshop is open to anyone interested in learning how to attack the legs. Training will cover
– Proper Leg Control
– Tying the “Russian Knot”
– Discussion of what the “Knee/Leg Reap” actually is
– Controlling and following opponent to finish the ankle lock
– Rolling the ankle to finish the ankle lock
– Common mistakes
– The right way to defend and escape the ankle lock
** Anyone interested can stay after until 1:30PM and train on how to transition the ankle lock to the heel hook.

Matthew Galindo

is an accomplished grappler with a deep comprehension of CAMBO, wrestling and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. His mission is to close the gaps between the different grappling sports and set his athletes up to respond with a full skill set independent of any one sport form. He is well versed in each sport’s rule set and prescribed strategy, and uses this knowledge to provide innovative responses to common scenarios. Matt presents some of the most profound yet accessible techniques and game plan in the grappling community. His classes are transformative and scaled to meet any skill level, from the complete novice to the accomplished grappler.


$25.00 (Free for Members)
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