“”Let thy food be thy medicine” with Dr. Josuke Tanaka

Workshop 1/8 Sunday 1p-2p //Taco Comp 3:30p at El Paiso

We live in a world overflowed by stress, chemicals and medications. Whereas every week new miracle dietary products come out, we tend to forget what older civilizations taught about nutrition. Whether you are a professional athlete seeking peak performance or a regular person trying to improve your overall well-being, learn how food can help you prevent disease or injury and promote longevity and performance.


“I am what I do. After spending the first part of my life traveling all around the world to train and compete in martial art, I have decided since to focus on understanding how the body and the nervous system work. Now I am dedicating my life to help people in their concerns and struggles about their health. My past experiences allow me to have an unique approach on how to address my patients’ needs and manage their conditions.”


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+Doctor of Chiropractic
+Board Certified Chiropractic Neurologist
+M.S. Biomechanical Engineering (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology/UC Berkeley)
+BJJ and Judo Black Belt, instructor, and former judo Swiss champion

Then join Mollii and Shawn for the first ever Taco Eating Competition at 3:30ish at El Paiso in East Oakland.