INTRO to CHEN STYLE TAI CHI starting May 2017
Four Week Series – Saturdays 3-4pm

1 . Standing Meditation: learn to root into the ground to develop internal energy

2. Silk Reeling: develop spiral power to connect the body together and loosen the 9 joints

3. Push Hands: learn to neutralize an opponents attack while attacking their center of gravity

4. Application: For self -defense

ABOUT Coach Jamal…

Coach Jamal is a former four time ABF and two time Golden Glove champion. He has trained fighters for over 15 years including National, Golden Gloves, Women’s National, and ABA champions at UC Berkeley and East Oakland Boxing.

He has studied martial arts (including Taiji, Wing Chung, Mantis, and Taekwondo) for over 30 years. He was coached by the greatest light heavyweight champion, Bob Foster, and trained with the great Johnny Tapia.


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