All of our classes are super beginner-friendly! Try out as many of our regular classes for your first week: Boxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Ginastica Natural, Slow Yoga, JKD/Kali, Kickboxing, and Russian CAMBO/Sambo.

Increase Your Strength

FOUR ELEMENTS FITNESS is a FUNctional training gym committed to helping you discover your physical gifts.

Heal & Restore

Slow Vinyasa Yoga, you will practice placing your concentration in the areas to find the movement patterns and muscular engagement to help heal.

Defend Yourself

We provide corporate, small business and non-profit organizations Self-Defense and Empowerment seminars and workshops for employee safety on and off the job which are tailored to the needs of most business and service industries.

JKD/Kali – In a combination of empty hand and weapons training you will develop defensive and offensive fighting skills.

We're Family

WOC-owned, we offer a variety of services specifically for LGBTQ, SW, POC and local Oakland groups working with at risk individuals. Contact us for more info.

Technique Over Power

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, strengthen your body and keep yourself safe with this close quarters style of combat. We also offer Russian CAMBO/Sambo and Wrestling Workshops


We love our fur babies and are a dog-friendly gym, so bring your pupper by and pick up a biscuit.

It's happening...

Check out the latest on-goings, workshops, art shows and classes here at FOUR Elements Fitness

Alternative Self // Erika Gomez Henao – October 21, 2017
Membership Drive for Oakland LGBTQ+ Center
Codex Drawing Score Project // Sept. 23rd
Intro to Wrestling for BJJ: Underhook Dominance
FOUR Elements Art Series: “The House of Power”
Butts and Guts Challenge: 4-Week Workshop Series with Mollii Khangsengsing & Judy Gomes
4-Week Intro to Women’s Jiu-Jitsu Workshop by Mollii Khang
Intro to Chen Style Tai Chi – 4 Part Series
Codex Drawing Score Project with Raphael Noz (Postponed)
Adopt-a-Downward-Dog 2 Year Anniversary & Benefit
Join us for the Grapple-Athon: ACLU Benefit 1/14-1/15
Nutrition Workshop with Dr. Josuke Tanaka + Taco Eating Comp
OCTOBER 22nd Workshop: Leg Control & the Ankle Lock for the BJJ Curious!
Train BJJ as a Family – Seminar with Judy Gomes
Fall 2016 Intro To Wrestling Series
Tuff Love: Outdoor Fitness
What is Ginastica Natural?
Hatha  & Vinyasa flow Yoga
Simsons House
City Apartments
Green Energy House
The Evo House
Springfield House
South Carolina House
New Hampshire House
Villa Long Island
The Brooklyn House
Villa Virginia
Villa De Rosa
LGBTQI+ Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
Small Group Training
Private and Semi Private Training
21 Days of Self Defense
Private Self Defense and Self Preservation
Martial Fitness
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
Beyond Self Defense:  Four Elements JDK/KALI
USA Wrestling Club
Russian CAMBO
Kids Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
Personal Training Packages
Cindy Hales’ Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Seminar