FOUR Elements Fitness in Oakland, California
December 10th from 7pm-10pm  ** Update: $1,000 was raised and donated to Trans Lifeline **

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The FOUR Elements Art Series presents COLOR GUARD: AN EXHIBITION OF BASEBALL BATS AS LGBTIQ+ FLAGS by the Degenderettes.

This is a new era of queer pride, and flags no longer cut it. Gay culture has had many symbols of identity and celebration but few for holding our hard-won space: since the rainbow flag of the 70s, a broad array of striped flags have propagated as popular symbols of LGBTQ+ identity, but while fabric is fabulous in the breeze and sunlight, it hasn’t protected us in the dark of night. As folks gained visibility they have suffered from it: murders of trans women of color has continued to rise these last few years in spite of perceived mainstream acceptance. In response to the June 2016 Pulse nightclub shooting the international feminist-genderqueer art club, The Degenderettes, assembled a color guard to perform at pride parades to show that LGBTQ+ culture is alive and well and will not be bullied. In place of traditional wooden rifles and sabers, the Degenderettes twirl the classic American symbol of home defense, baseball bats, because this is not a war between nations, it is a fight that has come to their door. As anti-LGBTQ+ hate crimes spread across the country in the wake of the election, legitimate fear permeates every corner of queer existence, and so the Degenderettes have made these bats available for LGBTQ+ people to keep behind their own doors as symbols of resilience.

You can always order versions of these bats for your own use, either before or after the show, through, shipping worldwide, which benefits Degenderettes activities directly.

If you buy a bat from this Four Elements exhibit, not only is there no shipping cost, but proceeds will be donated to Trans Lifeline crisis hotline.



The Degenderettes is a club started in 2014 by feminists and genderqueers in SF & Oakland with an array of urgent agendas: mutual protection of visible queers, sexual assault defense, preservation of women’s history, forming trans mentor relationships, challenging toxic masculinity, disseminating images of queer resilience, etc. It has since grown into an international network with chapters in a handful of major cities across North America, Europe and Australia. In addition to local chapter events, they have published an all-chapter comics zine, hosted an irreverent gallery show with a birth certificate shredder & a jacket soaked in menstrual blood, and printed thousands of tamper-resistant “all gender restroom” stickers that are now going up on multi-occupancy bathrooms around the world. In addition to the baseball bats they produce merit badges for people who stand up to the gender police. They are currently working on a safety app that will allow women & queers to collectively hold space instead of just getting home safe, and are networking resources for queer survival under the Trump administration. If that all sounds like a blast and you want to become a Degenderettes prospect, please locate your closest chapter to find a sponsor.

The FOUR Elements Art Series is a new, vital platform for artists working in a range of media and at different stages of their careers to present their ideas. In addition to furthering their own artistic practices and experimentation, artists are also invited to respond directly to and activate the space through unique classes, actions, happenings, and events.

This is a benefit for Trans Lifeline and suggested donation is $10+ but if you would like to give more or have limitations and can’t give, any amount will be accepted and no one turned away for lack of funds.

FOUR Elements Fitness will also be donating 50% of any regularly priced memberships purchased during this event to Trans Lifeline.

Please RSVP – space is limited.
Partial door Fees support the Four Elements Art Series – refreshments and the space (40%)

March Member of the Month: Phoenix Song

We want to congratulate Phoenix Song, our March Member of the Month!

Phoenix has set an inspiring example of mindfulness in her physical practice. Thank you for adding your presence, enthusiasm and levity to the Four Elements Fitness community!

How did you develop your approach to your physical practice?
I’m a therapist/healer with a focus on supporting queer and trans survivors of sexual violence. I’m also a writer and performer. I’ve found an enormous amount of power in doing creative healing work, but I needed a way to ground that power more deeply within my body. I needed a way to physicalize that strength and healing. Finding FEF has been transformational in that process for me. Even as a beginner to this practice, I already feel a deep trust in my body that I had never experienced before. Our power is innately there within us- we just need to find our way back to it.!

How do you determine when it’s a good training day and when to take time off?
Honestly, if I’m free – it’s a good training day!

What do you love about your practice and what do you want to shift?
For me this work is really about re-integrating the psychological and the physical. I love tailoring my training specifically to the idea of being a warrior. There are so many amazing goals to strive for within training, but for me this idea that I can inhabit my body as a warrior- that as a queer, femme, survivor I am already a warrior- is key. I try to center myself in that mindset within my training and make choices from there. !

Where do you get your motivation to train?
I am motivated by the generations of femmes, queers, and survivors who have come before me- who have taken back their power and voice through their bodies. Training is one of many ways to do that, and for me is a way of reclaiming the space where I was taught and expected to be powerless and compliant. Through training I take my innate power back and integrate that into who I am in the world and the work that I do, for myself and for the generations who will come after.

What advice do you have for brand new people who want to begin training?
Make the practice your own- let yourself really discover and be centered in why training is important for your life. You get to bring your whole self to this practice- you do not have to prove anything, you do not have to push yourself past where you are ready to go, you do not have to do anything you don’t want to. It is your body, your strength, and your aliveness- let yourself really trust your own path to claiming that.

What is your favorite exercise?
I’ve got to go with two things here! My favorites by far are training with knives and kicking. I absolutely love the beautiful technique and dance of knives, and the grounded force and gut-power of kicks.

New Spring Schedule 2016

M arch is bringing some pretty big stuff. Make sure to update your calendars with our NEWEST CLASS SCHEDULE.

  • Yoga classes are now later on Wednesday 7:30-8:30PM and Friday 8:30-9:30AM with Jenna Padilla.
  • If you are looking for some evening cardio and kick-ass, Art of War is now on Tuesday and Thursday nights 6PM as well as regularly scheduled Wednesday mornings at 7AM but no more Friday mornings.
  • No BJJ on Wednesday nights, but we still got Wednesday 10AM class along with the rest of the week nights at 7PM and Friday 10AM.

Namaste: Goodbyes & Hellos


We have truly enjoyed having Treina Alexander’s DEEP PRACTICE over the last few months. This Tuesday 3/1 6PM will unfortunately be her last regular class with us since she is moving on to focus on some of her personal projects. Please come out and show support.

However do not fret, for we are adding on two more Yoga classes, including one later in the evening for those of you who get off work late and one later in the morning for those of you who have trouble waking up before 7am (self included). We are proud to welcome Oakland-based Yoga instructor Jenna Padilla who teaches full time and has even convinced Shawn to practice regularly. Mindful Flow is a Vinyasa flow class that focuses on breath and mindfulness while moving. Classes are designed to increase flexibility, open areas of the body that are tight, while increasing inner awareness and focus.

March Madness: First 30 Days Only $89

When you sign up for a membership, not only will you learn how to lift heavy objects *safely*, diffuse stress through yoga, learn chokes, submissions, defensive moves and the proper way to handle weapons, you’ll get your first 30 days of membership for only a fraction of the price!

By the time you are ready to use your skills, you will be so chill you’ll just want to improve your game. You will have found the flow state and taken your practice to the next level. Get some real internal and external positive transformation going.


Let’s Get Sweaty! Valentine’s Sale

TREAT yourself & your sweatheart with gifts that will have both your hearts racing!

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VALENTINE’S SPECIAL:Buy one new membership and add your sweetie on for half off!

Just give us a call and we can set it up for you (510) 593-2342

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Four Elements Fitness Is One Year Old!

Once upon a time (about 18 months ago) there was this idea to create a community space that fosters the best instruction in martial arts, fitness, mindfulness and restorative practice.  Four Elements Fitness is dedicated to helping it’s members become their best selves in the full context of their lives, the mats are just the training ground.  A healthy community makes a full circle. Skills learned in one environment benefit neighboring environments. Four Elements Fitness members have done an incredible job completing the circle. People in the adult JKD/Kali program help get kids’ access to self-defense. People in the alternative medicine community overlap with the functional movement training instruction. There are food justice people in this community who share their resources for progressive lifestyle change. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Russian CAMBO are presented at elite and beginner levels so that there is no barrier to entry and real learning can take place.  There is a wrestling program accessible to anyone, no matter what age or experience level. The Deep Practice yoga program is presented with cultural awareness and energy system specificity. Artists come through and enrich the space and the overall cultural experience.  Health At Any Size has become a mainstay, and athletic progress is progress, unattached to stereotype or fitness industry jargon. The acuity and willingness to participate by Q and POC members has made this a much safer space for everyone.  This is exactly what Four Elements Fitness set out to do. Big huge thank you to each of you for being here, you make Four Elements Fitness what it is.`


Delinquent Detox: Take No Prisoners!

Sat January 9th and runs through Friday, January 29, 2016

Sign Up Now

You partied hard and now you are back. Like any responsible debaucheror you gotta re-set your system so you are ready for more. This program will get you back on your game faster than you can quit your New Year’s resolutions. Not only will you feel great, you will have fun. Your Four Elements Fitness crew knows exactly what you need. Join us for 21 days of clean eating, mindfulness and rewarding self-discovery. This is no goody-two-shoes re-set. You will be challenged and you will come out stronger mentally, emotionally & physically. It wouldn’t be fair to structure this without a reward system, so for those of you who thrive on competition, start your engines…

This program has a soft launch on Saturday, January 2nd, official launch on Sat January 9th and runs through Friday, January 29, 2016.

What exactly is it?

We have all heard the hype about detoxes – some people swear by them and there is a lot of money and marketing skewed toward particular cleanses. However, there is just too much research indicating that short term detoxes do not work.

Delinquent Detox focuses on clean eating, not caloric restriction. We will focus on giving your digestive system a break through optional intermittent fasting (IF) but your overarching objective will be to balance your blood sugar by moderating high glycemic foods and reducing foods and chemicals that are harmful.We emphasize lifestyle change over short term shocks to the system.

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For Only $89, you get…

  •  Access to all Four Elements Group Fitness Classes except for invite only clubs and specialized workshops.
  • Nutrition protocols including:
    +food plan resources
    +macronutrient protocols based on your individual style
    +habit guidelines & strategies to work with cravings and temptations
    +emphasis on healthy hydration- strategies to moderate caffeine, alcohol and sugar
  • Stress management strategies including:
    +breath techniques to bring you back into the moment
    +emotional outlet options – our fitness and martial arts classes included!

    +create a personalized mantra and craft your own success
  • Membership in private FB group:
    +share your stresses and your triumphs among friends -receive support and suggestions from your team
  • Weekly journal turn in assignments to make sure you are on your game.

Sign Up Now

Stay tuned for details on the Delinquent Detox contest! Yes, your hard work will be rewarded beyond your level of personal satisfaction.

Hungry for more info about detoxing?

We are not endorsing any books or related methods, in fact, we have not read this book and we probably won’t. This article is good because the tenets are on point. Eat whole foods. Eliminate foods that don’t serve your best interests and you will feel better. This shift will be compelling because you will feel great as you proceed. Yes, he mentions some things about weight loss about which we at FEF select a health at any size model/ Take what you like and leave the rest.

Please note: This program is a compilation of training methods and life hacks gathered through Ryan’s full time fitness coaching and life enrichment training since 2004. Ryan is not a nutritionist or registered dietitian. He *is* able to be serve as a nutrition consultant and his methods work in the real world. You are getting a program that has been carefully compiled to ensure that you have all the tools you need to experience a reset that will work for you.

Restorative Oakland Yoga to battle the Holiday Stress

We invite you all to attend your first sampling of Deep Practice, Tuesday and Thursday 12/15 & 12/17 6-7p.

Introducing our newest addition to the regular 2016 Four Elements Fitness weekly schedule…

Deep Practice

Begins January 2016

A yoga twice a week yoga experience
Tuesdays & Thursdays 6-7p
Open to all of our members

Ashtanga based power poses skillfully intertwined with elements of vinyasa, and restorative yoga will help you develop deep strength, flexibility and balance. You will use your breath to ground yourself and release tension. You will learn mindful movement that assists with stress management and eases chronic tension patterns. This one hour session with Treina Alexander of YogaLoveOakland will leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed. This program is perfect for athletes seeking to restore and rejuvenate and for people completely new to yoga or exercise. We welcome participants of all levels and body types.


A Message from Treina Alexander
My yoga journey started at the Downtown Oakland Y in 2004. The first time I sat in chair pose, I felt joy and needed to share the feeling. I earned a 500 hour Teaching Certificate with a focus in alignment, adjustments and attitude. I’ve taught over 2,000 hours and find something different to share in every class. I share movement, mantras and meditation in my classes. I took a leap of faith and opened YogaLove in 2013. I look forward to leading your yoga practice.

Learn more about our


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All-Access Membership Sale

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Jeet Kune Do/ Kali, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Russian CAMBO, Fitness and Yoga… The Ultimate membership for the person who wants it ALL! Get yourself a strong body, street smarts and sweet moves all-in-one perfect package.

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All-Access / Unlimited Membership
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Workshops Sale

Body Positive Winter Yoga Series: December Inversions
Sunday 5:30p- 12/6, 12/20, 12/27 for $30

Enjoy this 3 Part Workshop 50% Off! Use code: blackfriday
A practice for soft , round and larger bodies with Misia Denéa.


Prenatal Strength & Conditioning

Enjoy this 4 Part Workshop 50% Off! Use code: blackfriday
  • Starting December 1st, Tuesday 7-8am
  • Suitable for all levels and each trimester
  • With Jeff Bott

Post Natal Strength and Conditioning

Enjoy this 4 Part Workshop 50% Off! Use code: blackfriday
  • 4 Part Series
  • Starting December 3rd, Thursday 7-8am
  • This program is suitable for all levels
  • With Jeff Bott

Buy a 3 sessions on 1-on-1 training, and get a December membership for FREE!

3 Pack for $225 min

Save $100 monthly with a Used Coat Donation!


Can you go through your closets and see if there is a spare jacket or two laying around?

Four Elements Fitness is working with One Warm Coat to collect clean, gently used warm coats to support the coat drive program, on November 21, 2015 between 6PM and 8PM Monday through Friday and Saturdays 9AM through 12:30PM at Four Elements located at 153 17th St., Oakland, CA.

The process is simple…

You drop off your extra coat(s) and takes care of the rest. All donated coats will be given to a local agency for distribution to local children and adults in need.

People who do not have a coat to donate can still get involved:

New clients who donate coats or dollars will receive…

$100 off monthly on an “ALL ACCESS/UNLIMITED MEMBERSHIP” valued at $220/mo to all our programs (excludes clubs) which can be redeemed at the time of signing a NEW annual contract.

Already a full time member of one of our programs and want to donate?

We will UPGRADE your current unlimited membership to the “ALL ACCESS/UNLIMITED MEMBERSHIP” at NO additional cost!


11075186_10152613403122161_6483541649911089413_nIf you love yoga and are plus sized come to be in a video shoot focused on body positive yoga & wellness. Bring your own yoga mat. M/F/GNC welcome Queer + POC folks strongly encouraged to participate : )

Sunday, December 5th 3-5pm

Contact Misia Denéa to confirm or get more info:

Body Positive Winter Workshops Sundays Full Series Sale Only – $60

  • DECEMBER INVERSIONS 12/6, 12/20, 12/27


MEMBERS: If you have an unlimited membership with us, this series is included in your program and you too are invited to join in. This series is specifically for soft , round, and larger bodies.

Winter’s Body Positive Yoga with Misia Denéa

The wait is over! We are proud to announce that Misia Denéa, instructor to our Body Positive Yoga workshops is now teaching three months of Body Positive Yoga will be launching Sunday 5:30-6:30pm (former students take note of the time change!). Each month she will be focusing on a particular theme ranging from hip and shoulder openers, core and spinal awareness to ringing in the new year with some exciting inversions.

This class promotes , soft , round bodies, that wear a pant/dress size 10-24 or larger


November awareness of the core & Spinal column – 11/1, 11/15, 11/29 (no class 11/8)

The core or mid-line of the body is where your pull of gravity exists.

You do not need washboard abs to develop core strength, however the more you activate the core the more you can prevent low back pin. The spine supports the torso so we will look t how twisting/revolving poses lengthen ( from many hours of sitting) the spine and massage the abdominal organs.

December Inversions – 12/6, 12/20, 12/27 (no class 12/13)

We will explore how turning your world upside down is scary but provides new perspective. Inversions also are beneficial for hormone balance, sending more oxygenated blood to the heart & brain and also good for thyroid health and much more!


If you have an unlimited fitness membership with us, this series is included in your program and you too are invited to join in on the fun!


Only $60 for this two month series, plus you get a complementary fitness pass to enjoy one of our regularly scheduled fitness sessions each week!
Full Yoga Series


Misia Denéa is a 500-hour certified Yoga instructor ( 200- Hour Dhyana Yoga Philadelphia, PA & 300-hour Embrace Yoga Washington D.C.) has a B.F.A in Dance from Temple University’s Esther Boyer College of Music and Dance, and also graduated from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition ,the Raw Food Institute and East Bay Meditation Center’s Year Long Practice in Transformative Action and has recently enrolled in Fall 2015 URBAN PERMACULTURE INSTITUTE. SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA ‘s Permaculture Design Course.
She is the owner/founder of Hatha Holistic Integrative Wellness. Her mission is to Coach, Heal, and Transform those who want to shift their relationship to themselves and cultivate holistic habits to feel vibrant, and liberated with yoga, meditation, and mindful eating.

Since 2008 she has lead yoga trainings, dance workshops and retreats at yoga studios, Universities & Colleges, throughout the US and in the Caribbean/Latin America.

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