February 28, 2016 FEFWebmaster

New Spring Schedule 2016

M arch is bringing some pretty big stuff. Make sure to update your calendars with our NEWEST CLASS SCHEDULE.

  • Yoga classes are now later on Wednesday 7:30-8:30PM and Friday 8:30-9:30AM with Jenna Padilla.
  • If you are looking for some evening cardio and kick-ass, Art of War is now on Tuesday and Thursday nights 6PM as well as regularly scheduled Wednesday mornings at 7AM but no more Friday mornings.
  • No BJJ on Wednesday nights, but we still got Wednesday 10AM class along with the rest of the week nights at 7PM and Friday 10AM.

Namaste: Goodbyes & Hellos


We have truly enjoyed having Treina Alexander’s DEEP PRACTICE over the last few months. This Tuesday 3/1 6PM will unfortunately be her last regular class with us since she is moving on to focus on some of her personal projects. Please come out and show support.

However do not fret, for we are adding on two more Yoga classes, including one later in the evening for those of you who get off work late and one later in the morning for those of you who have trouble waking up before 7am (self included). We are proud to welcome Oakland-based Yoga instructor Jenna Padilla who teaches full time and has even convinced Shawn to practice regularly. Mindful Flow is a Vinyasa flow class that focuses on breath and mindfulness while moving. Classes are designed to increase flexibility, open areas of the body that are tight, while increasing inner awareness and focus.

March Madness: First 30 Days Only $89

When you sign up for a membership, not only will you learn how to lift heavy objects *safely*, diffuse stress through yoga, learn chokes, submissions, defensive moves and the proper way to handle weapons, you’ll get your first 30 days of membership for only a fraction of the price!

By the time you are ready to use your skills, you will be so chill you’ll just want to improve your game. You will have found the flow state and taken your practice to the next level. Get some real internal and external positive transformation going.