February 6, 2016 FEFWebmaster

Four Elements Fitness Is One Year Old!

Once upon a time (about 18 months ago) there was this idea to create a community space that fosters the best instruction in martial arts, fitness, mindfulness and restorative practice.  Four Elements Fitness is dedicated to helping it’s members become their best selves in the full context of their lives, the mats are just the training ground.  A healthy community makes a full circle. Skills learned in one environment benefit neighboring environments. Four Elements Fitness members have done an incredible job completing the circle. People in the adult JKD/Kali program help get kids’ access to self-defense. People in the alternative medicine community overlap with the functional movement training instruction. There are food justice people in this community who share their resources for progressive lifestyle change. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Russian CAMBO are presented at elite and beginner levels so that there is no barrier to entry and real learning can take place.  There is a wrestling program accessible to anyone, no matter what age or experience level. The Deep Practice yoga program is presented with cultural awareness and energy system specificity. Artists come through and enrich the space and the overall cultural experience.  Health At Any Size has become a mainstay, and athletic progress is progress, unattached to stereotype or fitness industry jargon. The acuity and willingness to participate by Q and POC members has made this a much safer space for everyone.  This is exactly what Four Elements Fitness set out to do. Big huge thank you to each of you for being here, you make Four Elements Fitness what it is.`