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Delinquent Detox: Take No Prisoners!

Sat January 9th and runs through Friday, January 29, 2016

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You partied hard and now you are back. Like any responsible debaucheror you gotta re-set your system so you are ready for more. This program will get you back on your game faster than you can quit your New Year’s resolutions. Not only will you feel great, you will have fun. Your Four Elements Fitness crew knows exactly what you need. Join us for 21 days of clean eating, mindfulness and rewarding self-discovery. This is no goody-two-shoes re-set. You will be challenged and you will come out stronger mentally, emotionally & physically. It wouldn’t be fair to structure this without a reward system, so for those of you who thrive on competition, start your engines…

This program has a soft launch on Saturday, January 2nd, official launch on Sat January 9th and runs through Friday, January 29, 2016.

What exactly is it?

We have all heard the hype about detoxes – some people swear by them and there is a lot of money and marketing skewed toward particular cleanses. However, there is just too much research indicating that short term detoxes do not work.

Delinquent Detox focuses on clean eating, not caloric restriction. We will focus on giving your digestive system a break through optional intermittent fasting (IF) but your overarching objective will be to balance your blood sugar by moderating high glycemic foods and reducing foods and chemicals that are harmful.We emphasize lifestyle change over short term shocks to the system.

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For Only $89, you get…

  • ¬†Access to all Four Elements Group Fitness Classes except for invite only clubs and specialized workshops.
  • Nutrition protocols including:
    +food plan resources
    +macronutrient protocols based on your individual style
    +habit guidelines & strategies to work with cravings and temptations
    +emphasis on healthy hydration- strategies to moderate caffeine, alcohol and sugar
  • Stress management strategies including:
    +breath techniques to bring you back into the moment
    +emotional outlet options – our fitness and martial arts classes included!

    +create a personalized mantra and craft your own success
  • Membership in private FB group:
    +share your stresses and your triumphs among friends -receive support and suggestions from your team
  • Weekly journal turn in assignments to make sure you are on your game.

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Stay tuned for details on the Delinquent Detox contest! Yes, your hard work will be rewarded beyond your level of personal satisfaction.

Hungry for more info about detoxing?

We are not endorsing any books or related methods, in fact, we have not read this book and we probably won’t. This article is good because the tenets are on point. Eat whole foods. Eliminate foods that don’t serve your best interests and you will feel better. This shift will be compelling because you will feel great as you proceed. Yes, he mentions some things about weight loss about which we at FEF select a health at any size model/ Take what you like and leave the rest.

Please note: This program is a compilation of training methods and life hacks gathered through Ryan’s full time fitness coaching and life enrichment training since 2004. Ryan is not a nutritionist or registered dietitian. He *is* able to be serve as a nutrition consultant and his methods work in the real world. You are getting a program that has been carefully compiled to ensure that you have all the tools you need to experience a reset that will work for you.