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Semi Private Personal Training Sessions

Semi-Private Personal Training Sessions
4 Weeks for $400

Tuesday/Thursday mornings 6AM & 7AM

With Jeff Bott

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+ Tailored to all levels.
+ Expert coaches
+ Small group personal training, 4 people max
+ Initial movement evaluation and bi-weekly progress checks
+ Flexibility / mobility evaluation and individual protocols for progress
+ 2 x weekly training sessions
+ Nutrition consultation
+ Recipes and shopping list
+ Meal plan
+ Membership in closed FB group exclusive to semi-private members
+ Access to individualized metrics so you can see exactly where you are improving
+ Access to weekly helpful tips newsletter designed specifically for members of this program.

*Original members please contact us if interested in attending.

Jeff’s Private Personal Training Package
3 Sessions + 1 Consult for $225

If you are looking for a more one-on-one dedicated training experience or looking to overcome a personal plateau, you can’t find a better introductory deal than Jeff’s Introduction to Personal Training Package.

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+3 x 50 min personal training
+1 30 min nutrition consult
+1 workout take home program – good for 4 weeks
Only $225!

Here’s a little more about Jeff Bott…

“If I had written out exactly what I was looking for in a new trainer to join the Four Elements team, Jeff Bott would have exceeded my expectations!”- Ryan Rockland

A message from Jeff:

“Hello, my name is Jeff Bott. I have had a lifelong passion for fitness and have studied martial arts for over twenty years. In addition to working in traditional gym environments, I have also had the opportunity to work under a number of talented physical therapists, which has given me strong experience in corrective exercise and injury prevention. One of my unique strengths as a trainer is that I have experience training people from many different walks of life with different ability levels, including seniors, women, LGBTQ folks, and competitive athletes. I have a passion for empowering people to meet their fitness goals and believe that good nutrition, rest, and stress reduction are integral parts of health and wellness. I am eager to partner with you on your journey to optimum health.”