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August Champion Challenge

FEF-GFTU-5047It’s amazing to live and work be in the Bay Area with such savvy and knowledgeable people and have the opportunity to write fitness programming. Over the past year, I have written a TON of training program design for various organizations I’m involved with.

Whenever I work with a group, I have the privilege of watching their progress over time, My goal is to think through each member’s desired physical response AND the mental/emotional/philosophical lens of the group as a whole.

You know that old training adage “form follows function”? What do you want to be fit to do, exactly? Is your fitness goal the same as how you think your body should look? At this stage, for myself, I give that an emphatic YES, and it has nothing to do with a number on a scale.

Athletic human movement is beautiful and doesn’t have to fit into any particular societally approved box. It’s about you feeling fully embodied at your current life stage. It’s about dropping into the flow state and becoming absorbed in the activity. It’s about becoming more powerful and more confident in every part of your life.

I love that the Four Elements Fitness community thinks for themselves…that the overarching attitude is a love of movement, play, developing applicable strength and real world functionality. When I write your program design, I’m focused on ensuring you lift heavy and you can get off the ground fast. I want you all to have awesome strength-to-size ratios and be able to see your own conditioning progress in practical ways. Thank you for being valuable members of our community.

I am very excited about the next stages of programming. We will be initiating monthly member check-ins and bringing on new coaches. Our selection process driven by what I know to be your needs and even though I will no longer be there in the weekday mornings, you can expect excellent programming.

Let the August Champion Challenge Begin!

How about a little friendly competition?

  • Whoever completes 20 workouts, 10 of which must be at FEF
  • achieves 3 personal bests (in any movement category)
  • wins a gift bag and a free training session with me.
  • You will need to be active on the our facebook page and log / post that you completed your workout and what number it was.

I hope you’re having as much fun in this process as I am!


Head trainer and cofounder C. Ryan Rockland has a Masters in Sport Management and. With a decade of experience in strength training, cardiovascular conditioning, weight loss, muscle imbalance correction, and sport event preparation. Ryan can help you get conditioned for whatever battles life presents. As a competitive athlete, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu fighter, and certified physical trainer through the NSCA (CSCS) and NPTI, Coach Rockland crafts professional training systems with a holistic approach that are a whole lot of fun.

Ryan is the Fitness Program Director, teaches GTFU on Saturday mornings at 9am and has a special summer training package…
New clients, you can now book a three session private package with Ryan which also includes a nutrition consult and one take home training program:
+3 x 50 min personal training
+1 30 min nutrition consult
+ workout take home program – basically good for 4 weeks

Only $275!

For more info, email Ryan Rockland