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State of Mind

Written by Sharon Sanghera-Sidhu / Photo by Teresa Del Rosario

W hen facing challenges, state of mind has a big influence as to how we would react. I was teaching a self-defense class when asked what if a tall person tries to attack you, won’t they have an advantage? Besides teaching self-defense techniques on a tall person to address the question, I explained the state of mind will have an influence on how one approaches the problem or challenge and this will be the advantage not so much height or size.

Most people would say a taller or larger person has strength, reach and can look intimidating. I would say the taller or larger person is a larger target so it will be harder to miss the person when fighting back and their long limbs are being given openly to use against them by striking or taking away their limbs since they are already reaching towards you. Not fearing the attacker because of the person’s height or size, you would be able to address the more important problem which is the actual attack that is coming towards you. Not looking at the person’s height or size as a disadvantage, you can have the state of mind the height or size as more of an advantage for to exploit and target therefore can use strategy to neutralize the situation when being attacked. Using this concept in life will help ease the thought about taking on taller or larger attackers because you are not starting by fearing the height or size instead you are focusing on looking for an opportunity to get out of the situation or neutralizing the threat.

A little about Sharon….

sharonsangheraSharon teaches Combat Pilates Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6PM which focuses on cardio, footwork, Pilates core basics and striking.

Sharon’s background consists of JKD, Kali, Pencak Silat, Boxing, Qi Gong, Tai Chi Chuan, Rapid Assault Tactics, Surgical Strike System, Certified Pilates Instructor, Close Quarter Combat Instructor, Security Intelligence Specialist, Certified Advanced Tactical Firearms, Certified Taser M26-X26 Electronic Control Device, Certified Tear Gas/Pepper Spray Chemical Agents, founder of JKD / Kali White Dragons Club.