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Thought of the Day: Slow Fitness

By Shawn Tamaribuchi
S ocially we lean toward rushing things, instant access, quick fix, crash diets… It’s all very unsustainable at best and potentially dangerous at worse. I was talking to an archer in one of my classes about performance and coaching and how she has had coaches that teach the same technique to everybody dogmatically which I can see how it streamlines team coaching and error elimination in a bubble with a very specific performance goal in mind, but considering that no two bodies are alike, I personally think that it narrows the pool of potential successful athletes if all are expected to do the exact technique irregardless of physiological or anatomical variations. It’s also easy to create injuries and general wear and tear on high level athletes that work repetitive techniques and I have a personal fascination with career longevity and retirement age in athletes based on RSI from the sport specific movements. Keyboard jockeys and tendinitis, tennis elbow, knee surgery in soccer/rugby/football your basic tackling/sliding sports.

Mindful, efficient movement has become my coaching and athletic style as I get older. It’s become less about individual performance goals and more about the longevity and evolution of how I train.

  • Take some time today to run through one of your common movement partners slower than your normal speed.
  • E

  • xplore each centimeter within it and see if you find any stickiness, tightness or shortening of your range of motion you can improve by taking a little longer to do the move and sit with the sticking parts.

My hips are my Achille’s Heel, something I have used and abused for years without proper restoration and rest. It has affected my lower back at times. My personal challenge is to re-explore my range of motion and limitations, maybe some assisted goblet kettlbell squats to get deeper than I normally can, or using some resistance band for the same purpose combined with some excruciating yet helpful couch stretching for myself.

A little about Shawn…

Shawn teaches the Wednesday and Friday 7AM fitness classes “Ground & Pound” the merges strength and conditioning traditionally used by martial artists and fighters with a focus on the strategical methods of movements. She also assists teaching for the Saturday morning Kids Brazilian Jiu Jitsu 10AM class with head instructor Jeremy Adkins of Machine Works Jiu Jitsu.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is her athletic passion and she currently holds the rank of three stripe brown belt under black belt and World Champion Lana Stefanac. She has trained in Krav Maga as well as Muay Thai, and fought professional MMA where she had the opportunity to fight in the US, Japan and New Zealand. After her MMA career, she found a deep love and appreciation for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and started to devote the majority of her time to her Jiu-Jitsu training. She also has a love for fine art and traditional photography.