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Heroine Lab: Women’s Self Preservation


Heroine Lab: Women’s Self Preservation

Sunday, 2/22/2015 1:00 pm – 3:30 pm

Our course teaches methods for maintaining personal space and boundaries, incident prevention and de-escalation.

We teach basic blocks, strikes, escapes, ground movement and weapon disarmament. All of the movement pattern training is optional. We create a safe space to learn this material.
Learn methods on maintaining
• Personal Space
• Boundaries
• Self-Awareness
• Incident Prevention
• De-escalation

Train the following aspects for external scenarios
• Mental
• Emotional

Learn Self-Defense Basics
• Move in reality-based physical scenarios

All of the movement training, partner training and contact is optional.

Cost: $30 – Advance online bookings are prioritized for Heroine Lab Workshop to reserve a spot. Sliding scale arrangements are available if your financial resources are limited but will be handled on arrival and workshop spot availability. Maximum class size is 10.

Instructors: Sharon Sanghera is the Editor-in-Chief of Vincit Magazine, a mixed martial arts magazine, and CoFounder of Major Combat Sports. Sharon has been training in martial arts for over 13 years, has a Blackbelt in JKD/Kali with a background in other martial arts as well as boxing and has been using martial arts and wellness coaching to help empower men and women of all ages. She has certification in various training systems such as Advance Tactical FireArms, Security Intelligence Specialist, MX26-X26 Taser, Tear Gas/Pepper Spray Chemical Agents, Rapid Assault Tactics and many more. For a full bio please visit: SharonSanghera.com

Carey Rockland is a brown belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and runs Bay-Fit boot camps. She has learned street-style self-preservation from several elite mentors in martial disciplines. Carey won the Gold in the Blue Belt Lightweight Division at the 2010 US Open and Gold in the Purple Belt Middleweight Division at the 2011 US Open. Carey has a Masters in Sport Management and physical training certifications through the NSCA (CSCS) and NPTI. For a full bio please visit: CareyRockland.com